ENGAGING THE OTHER: The Power of Compassion

4th Annual International Conference
November 12-15, 2009
San Mateo, California, USA

Dr. Serlin will present a roundtable, "Trauma and Resilience: Healing the Victim-Perpetrator Cycle"
on Sunday, November 15 at 9:00 - 10:20 am
with Stanley Krippner, PhD, Benina Gould, PhD, Skip Robinson, PhD and Danny Shandor, MA
Full program schedule can be seen at www.cbiworld.org/Pages/Conferences_ETO_ProgSessions09.htm

You are invited to an extraordinary conference to address the roots of fear-based belief systems, negative stereotypes, prejudice, polarization, enemy images, scapegoating, and artificial barriers of misunderstanding and distrust that divide us.

At a time when polarization is the culprit, "ENGAGING THE OTHER: The Power of Compassion" is a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary conference examining concepts of "the Other" from a universal, cross-cultural perspective to promote wider public dialogue about images of "Us" and "Them".

Join over 75 presenters and visionaries, including conservatives and liberals from across the social-political spectrum, and hundreds of concerned individuals, to take part in 4 days of authentic dialogue bridging the divide and cultivating our capacity for appreciation of diversity, reconciliation, and genuine, respectful engagement.

Co-Sponsored by Common Bond Institute, Meridian University, Transpartisan Alliance, National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation, and International Humanistic Psychology Association. Supported by Public Conversations Project. Endorsed by a growing international list of over 100 organizations and universities.

Keynotes by Huston Smith, Michael Lerner, Michael Ostrolenk

For full conference details, see www.cbiworld.org/Pages/Conferences_ETO.htm

Registration is Open To All
Continuing Education Credits (CECs) available

  • Raise the level, depth, and breadth of public dialogue and awareness on core issues. The conference examines dimensions and dynamics of "the Other" on individual and group levels, and considers how enemy identity is formed, perpetuated, and manipulated
  • Identify and compile fundamental questions, dilemmas, and implications for further deep inquiry and examination in an expanding public dialogue, and to challenge embedded negative belief systems that promote adversarial perceptions of the "the Other."
  • Tap our shared wisdom and compassion as a community -- from the local to the global -- in developing practical applications to address divisiveness and polarization and to promote a shared consciousness of peace.
  • Create networking opportunities for collaboration
  • Formulate findings and products to make available to all

4-day program includes
  • 3 Keynote Speakers
  • 3 Topical Plenary Panels
  • 25 Concurrent Break-out Sessions of Workshops and Interactive Panels
  • Daily Facilitated Dialogue Groups to engage concepts and explore practical applications
  • Interactive All-conference Experiences
  • Resource and Networking Hub
  • Morning Yoga Sessions
  • Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala Ritual,
  • Evening Performances, Cultural programs, and Community activities,
  • Rich Networking and Action Planning
  • Intentional Multi-cultural Community

Huston Smith, Michael Ostrolenk, Michael Lerner, Maggie Herzig, Fred Luskin, Maha ElGenaidi, Joseph McCormick, Corinne McLaughlin, Joan Blades, Amanda Hydro, Max Pappas, Susan Partnow, Aftab Omer, Geshe Gendun Gyatso, Tashi Wangdu, David Hartsough, Sal Nunez, Kathy Geller, Kirk Schneider, James Hernandez, Stanley Krippner, Mahvash Hassan, Sharif Abdullah, Benina Gould, Skip Robinson, Ilene Serlin, Steve Olweean, Sandy Heierbacher, Philip Hellmich, Robert Fersh, Len Traubman, Libby Traubman, Osprey Orielle Lake, Danny Shandor, Meganwind Eoyang, Michael Wolfe, Daniel Tutt, Sarah Talcott, Linda Blong, Cate Creede, Jan Elliot, Kathy Armijo Etre, Tamyra Freeman, Lourdes Morales, Jeff Leinaweaver, John Glaser, Carol Glaser, Alvaro Cedeno, Huda Abu Arqoub, Aaron Hahn, Dave Belden, Kenn Burrows, Steve Bhaerman, Harry Cornbleet, Marti Roach, Andrew Greene Jr, Sahar Driver, Mutomba M'Panya, Zara Zimbardo, Devi Gursahaney, Chip Baggett, Hina Pendle, Claudia Miller, Lisa Montana, Gabbriella Yates, Pam Kramer, Roger Marsh, Lynn Feinerman, Edwin Rutsch, Spring Chen, Shannon Wheeler, Larry Mens, Tash Terry, Elena Higgins, Vijali Hamilton, Kalsang Lhundup, Jampa Tenzin, Ngawang Tseten

LOCATION: San Mateo Marriott Hotel, San Mateo, California (10 minutes from San Francisco Airport)

FOR FULL DETAILS on Program, Proposals, Registration, Fees, Hotel, Displays, and Ads,
see www.cbiworld.org or contact
Common Bond Institute
Steve Olweean, Director, Conference Coordinator
12170 S. Pine Ayr Drive, Climax, MI 49034 USA  
Ph/Fax: 269-665-9393, Email: solweean@aol.com